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SVT in Prague 23-27.6.15


The School of Visual Theatre is pleased to announce our new projects in Prague this June.

The School of Visual Theatre was chosen as one

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Wednesday at SVT

Nir Evron

29/1 20:30
Nir Evron is an artist and lecturer in photography at the Bezalel Art Academy . His works , stills , video and film attempt to examine the place of the past - history - as well as the modes of...Read More >
Wednesday at SVT

Avi Dangur

4/12 20:30
Avi Dangur Creator and actor. Graduated from " The School of Visual Theatre" (2007). Has studied theater from 15 years of age in various settings, Created among others the show "Michael" with...Read More >
Wednesday at SVT

Shir Hacham

27/11 20:30
Shir Hacham, 30, writes for HAARETZ newspaper on Dance. She is studying for her Masters Degree in the Department of Philosophy at Tel Aviv University At the meeting she will discuss how dance appears...Read More >
Wednesday at SVT

Yonatan Levy

20/11 20:30
Yonatan Levy Playwright, director , poet and educator. A founder of the Anthroposophic Middle School in Kiryat Tivon, and teaches the Bible , art history , literature and theater. Wrote and staged (...Read More >
Wednesday at SVT

Ariel Efraim Ashbal

13/11 20:30
Ariel Efraim Ashbal (b. 1982 ) has been acting from age one. Graduated from The School of Visual Theater ( 2006 ) and holds a BA in philosophy and history from Tel Aviv University ( 2010). Presented...Read More >
Wednesday at SVT

Merav Svirski

6/11 20:30
Merav Svirsky, born in 1981. A multidisciplinary artist. Graduated from the School of Visual Theater and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA ) from Bezalel Art Academy. Her works relate to a wide range of...Read More >
30/10 20:30
Ran Brown and Lior Avitsur are the editors of the online Journal "Ma'akaf" . The Journal has been published since 2010 and deals with various artistic forms that have an artist's performative...Read More >
Wednesday at SVT

Eyal Wieser

23/10 19:30
Eyal Weiser, winner of the Rosenblum Prize for the promising artist for 2012, Director and Playwright. Plays: "This is the Country - The Salon of Zionist Rejects," "Mein Jerusalem - a performance by...Read More >
Wednesday at SVT

Dean Moss

16/10 19:30
Dean Moss is a New York-based director, choreographer and media artist. He creates works that explore identity and perception. His multidisciplinary practice includes performance, dance, video, audio...Read More >