There is nothing in this piece. A brutal distillation and dichotomy of the Self Narrative. Obsessive, uncompromising, relentless, uninhibited involvement, bordering on distortion. The only thing you need is compassion, nevertheless the craft of spinning the spider web of the Sisyphean chronology continues incessantly. It is imperative to bury The Self, to engrave it in the skin, in actions and in breath. Only then can you tell it apart from a work of Art

Performers: Kaia Vinci, Inbal Hacker
Aviv Pollins
Camera: Daniel Pakes
Production: Shira Sendik
Iggy Perry Peleg
Lighting consultant: Omer Sheizaf
Lighting: Netanel Kafka
Ella Altaras
Sound: Fadi Murad
Sound consultant: Bar Zaken
Imagery photography: Pree-El Lewinsohn