My first thoughts have begun from an attempt to reenact a memory that had a long-term active power over my body since I was a child. I exchanged these physical experiences in associations of mine to the water element (which for me symbolize all bodily fluids) and air (which can represent leaving the body or the post-body). I tried to move the occurrence to the family kitchen and the techno club, to the experiences and the upward-look while simply reenacting and portraying a well-rounded experience of adolescence

Director/choreographer: Shani Arazy
Performers: Meshi Olinky & Shani Arazy
Video art: Ilya rachlis & Shani Arazy
Cinematographer: Daniel Pakes
Editors: Shani Arazy & Amit Buium
Lighting: Netanel Kafka

Thomas Bangalter- Stress
Patricia Kokett - Diabel
Dean Blunt- Are You As Good As I Remember
Lady In The Radiator- In Heaven
Poison 1991 Soundtrack- Ending Theme