About SVT

The School of Visual Theatre was founded in 1986 by a group of artists who sought to challenge accepted notions of creativity.

For over 30 years, the school strives to train artists for whom multidisciplinary thinking, visual expression, and their association with live action and performance constitute a worldview. SVT exposes its students to a multitude of artistic disciplines and practices to encourage critical thinking and the pursuit of innovative and individual artmaking. The school believes that training in a range of skills enriches and expands one’s perspective and supports creative freedom.

The school operates under a unique multidisciplinary model and has no departments. It offers its students practical and professional tools and theoretical knowledge in a wide range of disciplines, including performance, acting, directing, dance, choreography, visual art, video, stage writing, sound, photography, singing and vocal training, philosophy and art history.

The School of Visual Theatre alumni hold key positions in the Israeli cultural sphere and continue to champion a worldview that questions artistic reality as it appears, and sees the principle of leading the way as the artist’s responsibility to his or her surroundings.