The school of Visual Theater is proud to present the preparatory semester in Arabic. The program offers both theoretical and practical classes in choreography and dance, theater and acting, history of dance, and performance taught by SVT’s leading faculty members.

The semester will take place between March and July. Studies will be held at SVT’s new location on Bezalel St., as a part of the newly opened arts campus in the center of Jerusalem. The classes will be accompanied by a simultaneous translator from Hebrew to Arabic.

The program is designed for people who wish to experience a learning process in the art and performance field. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary, but curiosity, seriousness and commitment to the program’s timetable is required.

The program reflects an aspiration for equal opportunities in education in Jerusalem. It is free of charge, but has a limited number of vacancies. Students who will apply and be accepted into the program, will be required to leave a deposit of 500 shekels, which will be refunded once the students graduate from the program.

For those who don’t know us, the School of Visual Theater was established over 30 years ago by a group of Jerusalem-based artists who had a unique artistic vision. The school provides interdisciplinary tools in contemporary theater, focuses on personal artistic expression and encourages critical thinking.

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