Preparatory semester in multidisciplinary art and contemporary theatre studies in Arabic.

The School of Visual Theatre invites students from the Arab community to study multidisciplinary art and contemporary theatre in Arabic.

The preparatory semester for Arabic speakers is intended for candidates who wish to acquire practical and theoretical tools for performance and visual theatre studies.

The semester includes the following classes:  theatre and acting, multidisciplinary art, history of dance, and choreography and dance. At SVT, each faculty member is also a practicing artist and teaches in his or her unique methods.

About the school: The School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem is a groundbreaking arts school. SVTโ€™s unique model offers practical tools and theoretical knowledge in a wide range of disciplines: theater โ€“ directing, acting, stage writing, choreography โ€“ movement and dance, visual art โ€“ painting, sculpture, installation, music โ€“ choral singing, orchestra, and voice lessons, digital art โ€“ sound, video, and film. SVT sets out to train independent artists while encouraging critical thinking and personal, active and innovative artistic practice. Established thirty years ago by a group of artists, SVT is located in Jerusalemโ€™s Talpiot industrial zone and maintains local and international relations with partners in Israel and worldwide.

The schoolโ€™s full curriculum spans 4 years, and can be combined with an academic curriculum that grants a bachelor's degree (B.Ed.) and a teaching certificate in collaboration with the David Yellin College of Education.

The SVT maintains an international student exchange program as part of its full curriculum. In addition, students can take various courses in a number of schools in Jerusalem as part of the Academy City program, including Bezalel, the Hebrew University, The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School.

The preparatory semester will take place between April 4-July 25 in a weekly format, every Sunday between 17:00-21:30.

In addition to classes on Sundays, two artist talks with East Jerusalem-based artists will take place during the program.

for details and registration:  / 050-8286020