B.A. and Teaching Certificate

David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem offers students at the School of Visual Theater an academic study track leading to a Bachelor of Education degree in Art Education (in either “Elementary Education” or “Elementary Education with Integration of Arts in Teaching”). Within this framework, David Yellin College recognizes some of the points of credit accumulated during the full study program at SVT.

Students eligible for admission to the college are invited to enroll in this program, subject to the college’s decision. The track consists of the regular curriculum at the school, with an additional study program within the college. Throughout the four years of study at the School of Visual Theater, and in addition to the basic study system, students will also study at David Yellin College starting from the second year of study until the completion of academic obligations as required.

The program at David Yellin College awards its graduates a Bachelor of Education degree (B.Ed.) and a teaching certificate.

(Note that in order to obtain a teaching license from the Ministry of Education, graduates will be required to work in the education system for at least one-third of a full-time position and participate in a practical workshop (internship) at the college.)

In addition to the registration and payment process for the School of Visual Theater, students who wish to do so will be required to undergo the application process as students at David Yellin College of Education. Payment to David Yellin College of Education will be based on the number of study hours students will attend at the college, according to the accepted tariff.