Studies at the School of Visual Theatre take place as a full-time four-year program, at the end of which the students receive a graduate certificate.

The study program is held in both Hebrew and English.

The academic year is divided into three semesters (of different lengths):

The first two semesters are devoted to learning, with mandatory and elective courses (both practical and theoretical). The last semester is devoted to practice and production of the end of year projects. 

Each year, the students also meet with an audience at the Marathon and Finale events.

The school operates five days a week from 07:30-22:30.


First Year – An introductory year based on mandatory courses aimed at providing the students fundamental practical and theoretical knowledge in the various fields of study. During this year, the students learn basic sound and video editing software, acquire elementary knowledge in lighting design and operation, train in the workshops, and learn basic movement, acting, and directing principles. At the same time, the students also take introductory courses in history of art, theatre, and film. Students must complete all first-year requirements to move on to the second year. 

Second Year – Emphasis on developing skills in advanced courses. The syllabus comprises a wider range of elective courses and includes anchors of mandatory courses such as philosophy, history of performance, and history of dance. In this year, the students perform their works for the first time in the Marathon.

Third Year – Emphasis on developing personal language and practice. The focus shifts to the studio practice and to finding each student’s personal “studio.” The syllabus consists mostly of elective courses. 

Fourth Year – The fourth year adopts a residency format, in which the students stay at the school and work on their final projects. The students work with the guidance of the school’s faculty and meet with artists working in a range of disciplines throughout the year. The students present their personal project in the Finale. 


** From the second year, students can also take courses as part of the Academic City program

** The curriculum can be combined with an academic track for a B.Ed. and teaching certificate, in collaboration with the David Yellin College of Education