Deleuze said the philosophy begins with a scream. Sometimes it is a quiet, small scream. For example, Leibnizโ€™s scream: โ€œWhy is there something rather than nothing?โ€ And from the open mouths that seem to try and suck the entire world in, concepts and methods emanate and formulate. In the course, we will try to listen to some of these screams, and look at some ideas about the origin of (creative) thought, and probably scream at each other for a bit.

What is Philosophy? About thought, love, and friendship

Beyond-experience (Metaphysics) โ€“ Plato: The Divided Line Parable; Aristotle, ethics.

Presence and representation โ€“ Heidegger, The Age of the World Picture.

Human sciences (Psychology): Consciousness and Mind โ€“ Humeโ€™s Treatise of Human Nature.

The relationship between thought and reality: Transcendental Idealism - Kant, The Critique of Pure Reason.

Existence and Reality (Aesthetics-Phenomenology-Existentialism) โ€“ Kant, Critique of Judgment.