The course is conceived as a film directing laboratory for second and third-year students.

By doing practical directing exercises and creating short films, but also through lectures, watching films and class discussions, the students will be exposed to the cinematic universe that surrounds them. During the year we will be gradually expanding our search within the cinematic language. By passing through the light that accompanies every moment in the frame, we will seek to feel the density and the constant movement of time. An important part of our process will be to explore cinematic time and to try to give it a meaning, baring it to a sensory experience. Within this process we will strive to discover the cinematic image, its effect on the pulse of the film and the people hiding within it.

The film that students will submit at the end of the process will come from an in-depth journey into their life experience and it will focus on the moment of their encounter with the art of cinema.

To paraphrase Robert Bresson saying: โ€œNot to shoot a film in order to illustrate a thesis, or to display men and women confined to their external aspect, but to discover the matter they are made of. To attain that "heart of the heart" which does not let itself be caught either by poetry, or by philosophy or by drama.โ€