Discourse and action workshop

 â€œJourney Performance” is a term used to describe an expression of physical movement in space, organized along a route and involving modes of action and mental shifts. In the discourse and action workshop, we will focus primarily on the practical, spatial, and conceptual aspects of site-specific journey performances, created in an artistic performative context. Artistic journey performances are positioned within the wide range between daily and functional movement, cultural expressions such as pilgrimage and procession, immigration, nomadism, hiking, wandering and activism. Exploring these diverse manifestations, we will ask how the journey performance responds to the urban environment and the borders it involves; what is the (historical, social, or geopolitical) story that the journey recounts about the place; and in what way does the journey have the power to transform the perception of the place. The route will unfold between spaces, texts, conversations, and actions, and will probably also involve an expedition to discoveries in the near east.