Psychosophy - The Philosophical Tarot of the Order Workshop

Psychosophy presupposes that we humans are not the only ones that think. Actually, it is nature itself that thinks all the time! Humans are the ones who are able to bring forth into expression the universeโ€™s thought. Psychosophy deals with this unmitigated relation between thinking and the universeโ€™s fleeting, ever-changing, wisdom.

In this workshop we will use the Philosophical Tarot of the Order so as to transform thinking into a space of conscience occurrences. To further develop the wisdom-of-the-psyche in order to meet the wisdom-of-things. The workshop activates thinking in its most broad sense - as the ground of existence - from a personal and specific perspective, interest, and motivation. The visual and the conceptual, the practical and the theoretical, the known and the unknown, the body and the mind, man and world, the personal and the public, are all possible ingredients of the psychopilosophical act.