Courses and Lecturers

Act of Observation

[Amir Farjun]


[Haim Abramsky]

Acting Continued

[Haim Abramsky]

Advanced Research-Imagination

[Hila Cohen Schneiderman]

Another Place

[Ada Rimon]

Applied Poetics

[Kineret Haya Max]

Beit Midrash

[Nava Frenkel, Shelly Palmon]

Body Awareness

[Maya Levy]

Body Practices

[Iris Erez]

Body Wisdom

[Michal Harada]


Between International Exposure and Creative Writing
[Itzik Giuli]

Brave Dances

[Ofir Yudilevitch]

Building Game

[Asaf Elkalai]

Contemporary Art and a Look Back

[Tzipi Weitzman]

Contemporary Direction

[Nava Frenkel]

Dancing Studio

[Tami Leibovitz]

Defining Moments in the History of Humanity (Theater)

[Nir Shauloff]

Defining Moments in the History of Humanity 2 (Against)

[Nir Shauloff]

Developing Sculpture

Group and Personal Process
[Zohar Gottesman]

Directing Now

[Ariel Ephraim Eshbal]

Disturbed Movement

[Shani Tamari Matan]


[Alex Kremer]

Environment, Action, and Light

[Omer Sheizaf]

Faith, Fact, Fiction

[Ana Wild]

Film as Material

Cinematic Thinking and Editing Fundamentals
[Ofeq Shemer]


Foundations of Plastic Art
[Asaf Elkalai]


Moving from Language to Performance
[Dr. Patricia O’Donovan]

Habeas Corpus

Reflections and Experiments on Object, Subject, and Space
[Gilad Ratman]

Introduction to Visual Theater

[Amit Drori]

Journeys to the Immediate Environment

[Lea Mauas]

Lighting Workshop

Materials and Objects

Fundamentals of 3D
[Shahar Kedem]

Modernism, Modernity, and Contemporary Art

[Tzipi Weitzman]

Motion Action

[Shelly Palmon]


Introduction to Sonic Sensitivity
[Tomer Damsky]

Physical Studio

[Maya Levy]


Creating Bodies of Knowledge through Art
[Hila Cohen Schneiderman]


Positioning and Journey Performance
[Dr. Daphna Ben-Shaul]

Sculpture from Observation

[Zohar Gottesman]


[Lior Pinsky]


[Yonatan Levy]


[Asaf Elkalai]

Still Photography

The Frame as Means for Expression
[Amit Mann]


[Kineret Haya Max]

Sweating, Dancing, and Other Things

[Bosmat Nossan]

Technical Production

Technical Realization

Creating Problems and Their Solutions
[Oded Rimon]

The Design Muscle

Workshop for Fashion, Sewing, and Design
[Eran Shani]

The Flying Classroom

[Nir Shauloff]

The Learning Gallery

Platform for Collaborative Action
[Hila Cohen Schneiderman]

The Monk’s Cell

[David Lemoine]

Urban Theater

[Yonatan Levy]


Introduction to Sound Creation
[Lior Pinsky]

Video in Space

[Dor Zlekha Levy]

Vocal Discovery

[Michal Oppenheim Landau]

Voice and Choir

[Merav Ben-David]

Voice, Form and Content

[Michal Oppenheim Landau]

Ways of Representation and Modes of Reading

[Tzipi Weitzman]