The entry exams for the academic year 2021-2022, will be held on 18+19/5/21.


The School of Visual Theatre looks for students with diverse experience who demonstrate an ability for artmaking and critical thinking. The students usually arrive at SVT after an initial experience in theatre, dance, performance, visual art, video etc. At the same time, SVT also encourages applicants without specific background in the arts who demonstrate openness and learning ability.

Step I Registration  

Applicants first fill out a registration form, which includes:

Personal details


Letter of motivation

Recent photo

Upon receiving the registration form, SVT will send the applicant instructions about registration fees and the entrance exams.

Step II Individual Entrance Exams 

Upon the payment of the 450 NIS, registration fee, the candidate will be scheduled an entrance exam. Each applicant will be sent a date and instructions for their individual entrance exam. Applicants must bring to the exam the assignment they were given and a portfolio (or samples of previous works).

The individual entrance exams are held by an admission committee comprising SVT faculty members.

Step III Group Auditions 

The group auditions consist of participation in two workshops, in two areas from the variety of disciplines taught at SVT.

All applicants must complete all three steps.

At the end of the admission process, students will be charged tuition for the following year. Students must make arrangements to pay tuition on time to secure a place in the academic year.

SVT accepts IDF pikadon deposit as payment.

For further details and questions about the application process: [email protected]

Registration form for the year 2020