SVT Performance Conference 2021
  • עב
  • Eucalyptus

    Maya Levy

    Maya Levy, director of the School of Visual Theatre, lives a short walk from the school in the Katamonim. Close to her house, there is a Eucalyptus tree on which hundreds of birds gather twice a day at dawn and dusk when they congregate on the tree to sleep screeching and chirping. This moment, which is full of drama, but also a daily, mundane occurrence, is a musical cue in Maya’s daily performance. The performance of  nature’s capacities,  of twilights, of home and of a journey. The work Eucalyptus, is a journey with Maya to the Eucalyptus tree at the bird hour. A trip to her home, which is a space of consciousness, the outdoors which is everything beyond the threshold, and the movement between them.

    15:00 in the Salon ~ Maya Levy and Nir Shauloff will talk about personal crises, about the work, Eucalyptus, about outside and home, about their friendship.

    Supported by Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts