SVT Performance Conference 2021
  • עב
  • In the Salon with

    Lonnie Monka

    Lonnie Monka is a poet, writer, curator of cultural events and Doctoral student in the Department of Theater History at the Hebrew University. In the salon, he will perform an improvised talk-poem. The term “talk poem” refers to the poetic qualities of speech, the tension between written and improvised poetry. Lonnie Monka will recite his improvisational style poetry (in English), which references his research into orality in poetry-performance with a special focus on poet-intellectual, David Antin.

    Additional guests in this evening’s salon:
    Savyon, Performance artist, poet, dancer and probability researcher
    Dr. Dror Harari, Researcher, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Theatre Arts, Tel Aviv University
    Dr. Daphna Ben-Shaul, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Theatre Arts, Tel Aviv University. She heads the Actor-Creator- Researcher MFA Track
    Ada Rimon, Illustrator and animator. Teacher at the School of Visual Theatre
    Maayan Mozes, Artist who deals with art in public spaces, performance and video. Teacher and content developer for Liebling Haus and Olympus—a program for artists in Liebling Haus. Graduate of the School of Visual Theatre.
    Nogah Davidson, Curator, artist and writer
    Manolis Tsipos, Cross-disciplinary artist and Greek researcher
    Menahem Goldenberg, Philosopher, editor of the Maakaf magazine together with Guy Gutman, member of Ensemble 209, founder and member of the Order. Writer lecturer in Philosophy and western culture.
    Avinoam Sternheim, Artist and musician, member of the Order. Creator of psychosophy cards (the Order’s tarot cards) together with Menahem Goldenberg.
    Yair Vardi, Performance artist, dramaturge, and light designer, initiator of the “a-genre” festival at the Tmuna Theater and an artistic director in his early years.
    Eran Eizenhamer, Architect, curator and pedagogue. Eran is a studio instructor at the Department of Interior Building & Environment Design of Shenkar College of Engineering, and and Manager of Olympus—a program for artists in Liebling Haus.

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