SVT Performance Conference 2021
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  • In the Salon With Maakaf

    Guy Gutman and Menahem Goldenberg

    Guy Gutman and Menahem Goldenberg, editors of Maakaf magazine, which has accompanied the performance conference since its inception, will record in the salon the first episode of their new podcast series — Who needs? A guide to the 21st Century The audience will be invited to listen and watch them record this episode. 

    The podcast will stretch to the edge of the present and the threshold of the future. In a period of change, a time of sobriety that exposes and heightens needs, the two ask, who needswhat? 

    In the first episode, Guy Gutman and Menahem Goldenberg will deal with something so fundamental and human that it would seem to define action and the present: touch. They will raise a series of questions –moral, political, sociological, theological, sexual, health-related, concerning touch. Asking: should it be negotiated anew?? Redefined? Practiced? Or maybe we have moved beyond corporality, and touch is a thing of the past?

    Participants – Itamar Banai, Adi Jersey, Dr. Elad Levy, Maya Goldstein, Dr. Maayan Sudai.

    To join Maakaf’s website and paging through the various issues, click here.

    Additional guests in this evening’s salon:
    May Zarhy, Choreographer, dancer and formerly assistant to choreographer William Forsythe. Currently, program manager for the bi-annual program for choreography in Kelim Center.
    Florentina Holzinger, Austrian choreographer.
    Anat Shamgar, Dance maker and dancer. Head of the movement department and choreography track for the Jerusalem Academy of Dance.
    Nir Shauloff, Artist, actor and dramaturge. Teacher at the School of Visual Theatre.
    Jason Morris Danino Holt, Multidisciplinary artist who deals with writing, acting, illustration, directing and documentary cinema, and artistic director of the HABAIT theatre in Jaffa.
    Hila Golan, Artist, director and writer
    Lior Pinsky, Musician and sound artist. Teacher at the School of Visual Theatre.

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