SVT Performance Conference 2021
  • עב
  • Playing Games

    Nogah Davidson, Maayan Mozes, Menahem Goldenberg and Avinoam Sternheim, Manolis Tsipos

    As night falls we pull out games in the salon

    Philosopher Menahem Goldenberg and artist Avinoam Sternheim will open with psychosophy cards (the Order’s tarot cards). The cards derive from ideas about the creative process and allow the mind to play games with the help of images and concepts. The cards comprise 78 moments and situations, questions and answers that share the same fate: creativity. The psychosophy cards would like to turn into a story, destiny, meaningful space, insight and a conversation.

    In parallel, Maayan Mozes will lead a game titled HaDerech, developed as part of the educational program for artists—Olympus, which operates from the Liebling Haus in Tel Aviv. Maayan, Eran Eizenhamer and Ana Wild created HaDerech as a simulation game in which participants carve out their path in the world. The game was invented as a tool to examine modes of action, risk-taking, defining goals and taking decisions in a fluid reality and as a means of delving into subjects such as opportunity, choice, honesty, courage, getting lost and finding a way back.

    Manolis Tsipos is a cross-disiplinary artist interested in hybrid narratives and broadened concepts of choreography; his current theoretical inquiries are focused on how friendship could be conceived as a crucial factor in our understanding of artistic collaboration. From his home in Athens, Manolis will conduct a secret memory game: one by one, salon guests are invited to a short intimate encounter with Manolis, in which they will be offered a present.

    Curator Nogah Davidson proposes the game-questionnaire Reasons artists are stopped. Participants are invited to select out of an open-ended list of various reasons why artists may not show their art. following the questionnaire, Nogah will facilitate a discussion about the internal and the external conditions artists need in order to create art. From artists’ relationship with bureaucracy, money, institutions and hierarchy, to artists’ mental and physical strength and environment. This game wishes to demystify the art world as a system and address the conditions which may stop the creative practice.

    Additional guests in this evening’s salon:
    Savyon, Performance artist, poet, dancer and probability researcher
    Lonnie Monka, Poet, author, curator for cultural events and Doctoral student in the Department of Theater History at the Hebrew University.
    Dr. Dror Harari, Researcher, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Theatre Arts, Tel Aviv University
    Dr. Daphna Ben-Shaul, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Theatre Arts, Tel Aviv University. She heads the Actor-Creator- Researcher MFA Track
    Ada Rimon, Illustrator and animator. Teacher at the School of Visual Theatre
    Yair Vardi, Performance artist, dramaturge, and light designer, initiator of the “a-genre” festival at the Tmuna Theater and an artistic director in his early years.
    Eran Eizenhamer, Architect, curator and pedagogue. Eran is a studio instructor at the Department of Interior Building & Environment Design of Shenkar College of Engineering, and and Manager of Olympus—a program for artists in Liebling Haus.

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