SVT Performance Conference 2021
  • עב
  • My Turn

    Moran Buvshani

    Artist and graduate of the school, Moran Duvshani’s creative process derives from life. Her stage work is the result of a personal, multi-layered process such as returning to elementary school for a second chance or leaving her apartment in Tel Aviv and returning to the kibbutz, her childhood home. The performance of the process is just as important as what we see on the stage. For this new piece, My Turn, Moran, who works as a school and kindergarten teacher, met with children throughout the year. Together, they invented games and stories, learned and made up songs and dances, and conversed about life — their wishes, fears and preferences. Moran deepened her relationship with the children as well as with their parents, familiarized herself with their parenting, played with and questioned the role she plays: Moran, the teacher, who works on behalf of the children? Moran, the artist, who is working with art for art’s sake? Who’s turn is it now?  

    Creator – Moran Duvshani / Performing and Participating in the Piece – Gili Amit Bar-Nir, Maya Shibolet / Vocal Performance and Partner in the Process – Rona Yvonne Zissman Max / Design and Sound Operation – Or Sinai / Process Consultant – Yuval Binshtock / Dramaturgy – Ari Teperberg / Advisors – Shay Persil, Ronit Philo Philosoph, Maya Levy / Voice Guidance – Laila Mazal Yenishen / Set and Accessory Construction – Shaul Duvshani / Flower Costumes – Maya Shibolet and Dorit Stoyer Shibolet / Light Design – Netanel Kafka / Photography – Yair Meyuhas / Thank you – Kineret Haya Max, Mai Aylon, Tova Sinai, Dana Doron, Elinor Shalem, Lilach Dekel-Avneri, Gidon Levy, Tal Adler Arieli, Sharon Silver-Merrett, Renana Raz, Artists Incubator, Neve Schechter. Very special thanks to the Bar-Nir family and the Stoyer Shibolet family.

    Supported by Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts

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