SVT Performance Conference 2021
  • עב
  • There’s no Chorus Just Dance

    Nurit Dreamer and first-year students

    Traditionally, every year in the conference, the first-year students stage a joint production led by a graduate of the school.
    The work is the result of a short, intensive research workshop that runs over a few days.

    This year, Nurit Dreamer is leading the project. Nurit comes to the meeting with first-year students who have just started studying at the school and at a delicate time–a beginning, familiarization: with her, each other, the school, with themselves. It is a time of vulnerability. In the four-day workshop, Nurit will not try to conquer this vulnerability and instead interact with and leverage it. She will use it to create an intimate living space, which enables and challenges the students to engage with it and work with it honestly and courageously.

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