The School of Visual Theatre sees great importance in developing relationships with international institutions, festivals, and schools. The school has close ties and student exchange agreements with the world’s leading art schools, and is an active partner in the international performance community.

Each year, students from the SVT are invited to take part in festivals, conferences, and workshops that aim to bring together artists, faculty, and art students from all over the world.

Every year, SVT curates and produces the International Performance Conference. The conference is an art event that combines Israeli and international scholarship and practice surrounding contemporary issues that involve culture and society. The conference is an opportunity to host artists and colleagues from all over the world who come to lecture, lead master classes, perform and participate in the live action of the conference.

Guests of the International Performance Conference in recent years include: winter family, Pablo Gisbert (El Conde de Torrefiel), Claudia Castellucci, Markus Ohrn, Gob Squad, Livia Andrea Piazza, Lotte Van Der Berg, Silvia Bottiroli, Rimini Protokoll, Stefan Kaegi, Sodja Lotker and others.

SVT also collaborates with the Israel Festival, and the international artists who come to perform at the festival visit the school to meet with the students, lead an artist workshop, or give public lectures. The artists who visited the school include, among others: Robyn Orlin, Jan Fabre, Romeo Castellucci, Phillipe Quesne, Robert Wilson and more.