The International Performance Conference is a platform for a dialogue between artists, students, and scholars. The Conference is aimed at expanding and showcasing performance practices and scholarship in Israel and all over the world and establishing a foundation for discourse that involves a wide international community.

The International Performance Conference is a meeting of experts, artists, teachers, and students who together try to offer diverse perspectives on the relationship between society and culture. The conference takes place in the space between an academic event, an art event, and a pedagogical event, and strives to create a place for discourse and action. The conference includes art interventions by artists and scholars, panels, lectures, round tables, workshops, performances, and artist talks.

Each year, the conference is centered around an idea/concept/theme that carries particular relevance and urgency to the local and cultural moment. 

The International Performance Conference is an extension of the thinking about a school. It is another place and action through which the School of Visual Theatre delineates its outlines and the boundaries of its responsibility towards the cultural sphere.

In recent years, the International Performance Conference has partnered with Israeli and international organizations to create a new, collaborative, and rich artistic space for the expanding scene. In 2019, the International Performance Conference has successfully collaborated with HaZira’s Autumn Cult events and Miklat 209’s Zaz Festival.

For the School of Visual Theatre, the International Performance Conference is also a moment of gathering at the opening of a new academic year. The starting shot for an entire community towards new opportunities and possibilities. 

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