The motivation for the project was the will to investigate and understand, somewhat scientifically, the connection between serial imposters and ghosts. I identified similarities between imposters and ghosts, shared characteristics, like moving in and out of the body (and the home) and the separation of identity and image, when the "I" of an image does not really exist at a given time and place, but rather spreads out to foreign territories of time and space (a separation that causes automatically a disconnection from the body), and the "permission" to enter one's own intimate space – the home – when the income identity is a total lie. "Michelle Over" is a name I gave myself a year ago as an alter-ego that doesn’t cross her own body limit- as a woman (over in Hebrew means to pass and this term is also used as a slang word in the trans community meaning "to really look like a woman") and as a being who "finish" her own body but still remains in her present identity (=over). The work got inspiration and gave interpretation to the crime cases of Cyntoya Brown, Jen Broberg and Robert Berchtold, Meir Akrish, The Pizza Bombers, & more. As a director I wanted to use this different cases to enter me and my performers into a choreography that makes us perform these different crimes and to move between different characters inside the "doing" of this crimes- sometimes performed as criminals and sometimes as the victims, and the dramaturgy is the steps I believe a sinner should go threw to get mercy from the spirit world.

Sunday, collection A 16:30 / Tuesday, collection B 21:00 / Wednesday, collection C 21:00