It is a story about a full moon night, the stars were shining bright, and the jackals howled in the distance. “Hello lady”, someone shouts at the white-haired girl. She does not turn around.

She is barefoot

A ball of fire in her stomach


Heavy bodies are left to the floor, looking for something they had for a moment and lost

Giggling, saying it’s alright, we’ll do this again tomorrow.

The train at the platform is waiting just for them, and they are not in a hurry.

Hopping over a limp arm, a weak leg. Peeling excessive hair and growing a fresh skin

“Hi, tell her we are here”

They sit down

Wait and wait, the moon drains and they still wait.


Saturday , 24.7, 21:00 \ Sunday , 25.7, 21:00 \ Monday , 26.7, 19:00 \ Tuesday , 27.7, 21:00