Son: Why isn't the sun entering here? / Mom: It's cold here all the time / Son: Will we go out tomorrow? / Mother: Tomorrow / Son: And today? / Mom: We will sleep / Son: You always fall asleep before I do / Mom: It's because your presence calms me / Son: But you're the eldest / Mom: It's true. But I'm old and tired. If I am close to you then nothing happens to me / Son: And when we are far away? / Mom: We're always close (She's closing her eyes) Come here / Son: I'm here / Mom: Closer / Son: I'm close / Mom: Hug me (Son hugs her) what will you dream about tonight? / Son: (as restoring directing instructions) Clear sky. Sloping ground. I tuck my stomach in, take a deep breath and fly high. I find God and He gives me a kiss and blesses me. Then I open my eyes and kiss you / Mom: Right. Good / Son: Mom / Mom: What / Son: Are you sleeping? / Mom: Yes. Tell me some last words / Son: I love you. Thanks for what you gave me today. Thank you for all the beautiful places we've been together. For what you taught me. For your many graces. And that you always forgive me in the end even when it's hard. I love you / Mom: I love you. Good night

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