Which mask will I wear when I emerge from the shadows?

I’m talking about the bitch who in the silence weaves a plot

of false silence so that I will get confused by silence

and sing in the proper way to address the dead.

Unspeakably I fall into what I find more or less present

in myself when someone formulates my name.

Why is it that my mouth is always open?


(Alejandra Pizarnik, My Name)


I was 6 years old when I entered the rehearsal room

with Doron Tavori and Gila Almagor.

In a gold costume, my hair cut short like a boy.

For me, it was the peak.

Gila Almagor burst at once

into hysterical tears of calamities.

She kissed me, slowly, methodically, all over my face.

In a few seconds my face was full of Almagor fluids

while Doron stood apart and watched.

After the rehearsal I informed my mother that I quit.

It was a rehearsal for Medea.

My mother had casted me as one of the

children Medea was to murder.


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