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“A crucial dividing point, line, or factor; a turning point.”

I stop to admire the lines we stretched across the world, and the loose ones, that we imagine yet exist.

The lines’ movement taught me about relations, and relations revealed themselves once again in the lines. Everything is relative, because everything aspires to relate.

My whole body, from the inwards out, is ties, marks and very delicate lines.

The circle marks the hidden whole and all I can do is try and curl myself up next to it.

I saw a straight line curling up and disappearing, and still I called it a line.

And you, too, are here and not here, and yet you are present.


“Human beings forget they created the images in order to orientate themselves in the world. Since they can no longer decode them, their lives become a function of their own images: Imagination has turned into hallucination.”


(Vilém Flusser, Towards a Philosophy of Photography)


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