I returned to the familiar and discovered great alienation.

I wanted to appropriate what is mine and mocked my own self.

I wondered about the known to me and did not reach the

sight as to where it disappeared.


I went to the studio again and again and again.

I filmed and deleted the background as if nothing had existed.

There was a green screen and now it's all out of nothing.

I created a transparent void behind me –

with my body I created an “out of nothing” that discovered

it is out of something.

Creating itself from memory over and over and over.


I wished to compose a prayer, but eventually only invited

all to join in.


With the consent of the Almighty, and consent of this

congregation, in a convocation of the heavenly court,

and a convocation of the lower court, we hereby grant

permission to pray with transgressors.


(From the Yom Kippur prayer)


Thursday, 22.7, 19:00 \ Sunday, 25.7, 19:00 \ Monday, 26.7, 16:30 \ Tuesday, 27.7, 19:00