The School of Visual Theatre holds workshops and introductory days for teens. The workshops are suitable for high school students from the various art tracks: theatre, dance, visual art, and cinema, and are held at the School of Visual Theatre in Talpiot industrial area, Jerusalem. 

The workshops and introductory days take place during regular school activity to allow a comprehensive experience and offer a glimpse into the school’s unique pedagogic vision. The introductory days include a tour and a talk with the head of the school, workshops in a range of disciplines, performances by school alumni, and a Q&A session with the students.

During the workshops, the students will be exposed to the world of performance and the logic of interdisciplinary artmaking. Through group and individual work, they will get to experience different mediums – movement, space, object work, texts, voice, visual art and more. Throughout the day, we will challenge and update existing notions about artmaking and the lines between different mediums, experiment with the transitions and associations between the different mechanisms that drive us, and see how all of this can be used to understand creative processes in a new way.

We at the School of Visual Theatre believe that it is important that the students in various art tracks get to know interdisciplinary and experimental thinking that is committed to the connection between art and the world, already while in high school. In addition, the introductory day will allow the students to apply, in due course, to study at SVT.