Proudly presenting Finale 2024 — seventeen graduate works debuting by fourth-year students of the School of Visual Theatre.

The works are a culmination of a four-year artistic development process. They reflect the concepts, stances and questions that drive each of the students, articulating their relationship with reality, and with the act of performance.

Letter to the Finale Class

Wandering is inherent to the student experience at the School of Visual Theatre. Our students wander, collect situations and conditions, gather possible actions, and attempt different artistic practices. Our school does not prioritize, or offer a formal definition of, the relationships between artistic disciplines or indeed between its students.

The students’ actions, as well as their presentations throughout the year, are moments of arranging and articulating these collections, endowing them with meanings that stems directly from their personal preferences and interests. In this context, a student’s Finale work is yet another step in their path of choosing, organizing and implementing, towards a work that is entirely new.

This year’s fourth-year students created their Finale work while attending Beit Midrash classes—a meeting between 17 students and 2 teachers where we attempted to give presence to the unique experience that is the final year at school, the transition from student to artist, at this specific moment in time.

The graduate works coming into being, the questions and the problems encountered in the process, enabled us to explore this transitional realm by talking, discussing, and learning.

At the Beit Midrash meetings, we created together the opportunity to speak as a group, to use various processes to examine particular issues, to replace an oppositional, detached stance with one that is open and accepting, to look at what troubles us right here and right now. Slowly, our group morphed into a place where one can explore and where one can cry, tears becoming an element that drenches what is dry.

Over the course of the year we visited students’ homes, and here is a partial list of what I collected there: a birthday cake, a vegetarian omelet and a non-vegetarian one, hot chocolate on a cold day, a chocolate tart framed in a big window, orange juice, sandwiches from the nearby café, a very vegan chocolate cake, black coffee and a new dish, flowers on the wall, a language revealed, things that can be said in a different space, things that are said by the walls of a room, quietly, exploring the idea of transition as a solid space and what it makes possible, saying goodbye to you, transience, a secret that grows into an even deeper secret.

Thank you, fourth-year students, for a very precious encounter.

Shelly Palmon


School Letter

It is my first year as the director of the school, the place where I made the choice to live and work as an artist, and where I have taught for the past decade. Throughout all these years, and still today, we dedicate ourselves to refining and deepening the uses and connections between different disciplines of creation and thought. We harness the forces to create a creative and innovative society, constantly moving and redefining itself.

Seventeen students are graduating this year. A strong and diverse cohort. The foundation of each cohort here, aside from quality and talent, consists of individuals who pull in different artistic and ideological directions, creating a wide field. There are hardly any institutions in the world where students are required to be invested in the wholeness of a laboratory like ours. We do not train people for a specific market segment but help students become artists. Even if they specialize in a specific field, they are still accustomed to thinking as artists in a comprehensive sense.

We make efforts to be involved in the personal creation and experience of the students. Being close is key to dialogue. It enables us to identify each student’s sources and abilities, to detect their power of invention and joy.

I take great pleasure in this year’s Finale works. Throughout their four years of study, culminating now, the process of personal maturation for each of them was deeply intertwined with their artistic development. Thus, seventeen unique works were created, each one steering in a different and rich artistic direction, clearly marking the point where internal and external turbulence transforms into communication. They take on a language.

With appreciation and love, 

Nava Frenkel